From the sublime to the ridiculous

canyon.jpgHow time flies when you’re having fun. I realised that it has been almost a fortnight since I reminised. So, a travelling time visiting some of the majesty of the American West. I guess it is a cliché but there is a lot of space! Coming from a small crowded island it is easy to forget just how big this country is and how you can drive for 2 hours to get nowhere on the map. The natural wonders are amazing and if you’ve never been, then the Grand Canyons and Bryce Canyon should go on your ‘list of things to do before I die’. The general majesty and splendour of this part of the world makes it worth a visit as well as these specifics. So, that was the sublime – the ridiculous? Las Vegas. A city which pampers to all the worst excesses and negative parts of the human psyche. If you want to overeat, indulge in bizarre sexual practices or gamble away your living then this is the place. Tacky, tastless, fake, shallow all are insufficient to describe the place; this is one city I feel no need to return to.


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