Reflecting on things…

The last few days have been very interesting as we have been in middle America and across the bible belt. One thing is clear is the number of churches in every city, town and hamlet show how the attendance at church is very high. When we were in Mephis the city’s hotels were booked out the next day as a famous evangelist had died and a wake and memorial service drew people from all over the USA. The inflence of the church has been a dominate theme in the life of many of the people we have visited some you would expect (Martin Luther King) and some that I would not have (Elvis). On the subject of Elvis Graceland was a more moving experience than I expected and I came away with a far greater sense of respect for the person of Elvis as well as the performer. The vastness of this land also is reinforced as we have come into the foothills of the Appalachains in this part of the land there are great stretches of nothing, and this is the crowded part of the country, where you could use the roads for those car adverts which have empty stretches and where the trees go on as far as the eye can see.


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