There and back again

After a couple of days in Atlanta recovering from being on the road I’m back with the Kerouac experience. Leaving Atlanta to head for Memphis, Tennesee and looking for more “small scale” local experiences led to finding the ‘American Village’ a project to recreate in complete detail some key buildings from American history as well as ‘American history in minature’ a set of about 30 dioramas from Natives to Nixon – the life long project of one person. On this theme a visit to the Ave Maria Grotto followed which was also the life work of one Brother Zoetl, a Benedictine monk, who re-created in minature buildings from the Holy Land and other famous Christian and Biblical places – Brother Zoetl seemed to be influenced from both the representational and the Gaudi schools of modelling. A fascinating place. It is obviously still cold here as far as the locals are concerned as both places were deserted of visitors and the swimming pool at the motel was ‘closed for the season’ even though we were sweating and the thermometer hit about 27C, an indication of what it must be like in the season – which seems to offically start in May.


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