Southern hospitality

New Orleans was, “an experience”. Coming in on the interstate you could see the continuing devastation from Katrina even though this was 18 months ago. The houses were 2-3m below the level of the levee which burst on the Lake side and in one area a popualtion of 150,00 is now only 40,000. The trees in the city and especially on the outskirts look like the hurricane happened only a couple of weeks ago and it is sobering to think that in this, the richest country in the world, that still there is this problem. In comparison the downtown area and the French quarter are completed repaired theren is no evidence of the hurricane though prices were much higher here than in any other place we have been.


On a more personal level I was able to fufill a childhood ambition and go on a steam boat on the Mississippi – which took me back to reading Huckleberry Finn as a teenager. Although Mardi Gras is over Mardi Gras world was still open so got to visit and see many of the floats and to wear some of the costumes. I though I was more liberal but some of the outfits were … so where does that strap go … oh! really! are you sure?!


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