Initial impressions

Well, after about a week in the good old US of A and a tour round CNN and a few of the world’s biggest (many things seem to be!) a few reflections. It stuck me again as it always did how prevelant guns are. Everyone at the airport seemed to be sporting a gun as well as many people in town and the guard at the drugstore, as well, of course, as the more official sorts. The other thing is the number of hugely overweigh people, as in as wide as they are tall overweight. This is the land of supersize me – it is not surprising given the size of food portions and the, realtive, cheapness of food.  Eating out seems to beimage.jpg very popular as there are large number of food emporia at most malls both ‘fast’ and, I guess slow, food outlets. Back to the gun issue the most shocking was on visting an Atlantan Children’s Museum the sign on the door (see picture).


1 Response to “Initial impressions”

  1. 1 sarah March 5, 2007 at 8:30 pm

    yo travellers
    don’ t understand blogs. Does everybody else get to read my comments? If so, feel inhibited re saying outrageous things. I feel like I should make only intelligent comments, but as you know that could be a challenge for me.
    I should think you’re about ready to set off on your travels now. Relieved that you’ve missed the first round of tornados, but I suppose that you could meet some more.

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