What’s going to be the best thing?

adventure.jpgIt’s hard to know which is going to be the most exciting thing on the trip and I hope that there will be surprises. I’ve always like the idea of driving past the sign saying ‘world’s largest ball of string!’ or somesuch. I’m looking forward to seeing an alligator, perhaps drinking in Hemmingway’s bar in Key West, listening to a Dixie band in New Orleans, catching a river boat [ever since reading Tom Sawyer as a teenager] and visiting Gracelands. Yes, I know it’s kitch but I’m informed it is also rather amazing. Then to Nashville and Memphis, Atlanta and Savannah before we even set off to the  West. Navajo country should be special but then so should be the Grand Canyon or the Petrified forest not to mention that tree which you can drive through and seeing the Golden Gate bridge at dawn. And that’s just the things that I’m expecting to see – who know’s what else is out there?


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